Danville, PA

Professional engineering verification services for Moss Cape

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided professional engineering verification services for a temporary shoring system between Mahoning Creek and SR 54 for the construction of a flood protection retaining wall.

The shoring system, being over 100 feet in length consisted of steel soldier piles anchored with a tieback system including drilled and grouted rock anchors.

LDG inspected during the driving of the soldier piles, installation of the timber lagging, construction of the wales, and the drilling, grouting, and load testing of the cable style rock anchors.

The verification inspection during the drilling for the anchors involved review of the geotechnical report and monitoring of the drilling to the depth of over 50 feet on an angle under SR 54. Gathering data on the drilling was performed to determine depth of the bore hole into solid rock to ensure that the minimum bonded length required was being achieved.

Following the drilling and cleaning of the bore holes, the cable anchors were inserted into the bore holes and LDG performed verification of the grout mix proportions, monitored quality control sampling of grout and the grouting operation on the rock anchors.

Following grout strength development, LDG provided verification inspection during the proof loading of the rock anchors to ensure compliance with the design.

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