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  • Area Development Execution Plans
  • Nodal Development Plans
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Larson Design Group offers a wide variety of federal master planning and programming services. We continuously work with government agencies to provide compliant and economical solutions to our clients. Our planners understand master plans must be flexible to seize opportunities and avoid threats along the way. Additionally, our team works to ensure our planning solutions conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment through the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Whether the site calls for barracks, training centers, or maintenance facilities, our planners, landscape architects, architects, and engineers inspire distinctive and vibrant products. Our team researches and analyzes each site to determine specific needs, create design plans that maximize usage and space, and are aesthetically pleasing. From depots to airfields, buildings to playgrounds, trails to streetscapes, we have what it takes to bring sites to the highest level.

Areas of Expertise

Military Master Planning

LDG’s staff have supported various federal agencies such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and NASA at locations across the world. Our team is proficient in the development of Installation Development Plans, Area Development Plans, Area Development Execution Plans, Nodal Development Plans, and other site-specific studies. LDG’s key staff are well-versed in the federal regulations and criteria for planning and design projects. Additionally, the military veterans on our staff bring the added perspective of the users to translate mission requirements into actionable projects.

Programming Studies

Our team is proficient in the development of DD Form 1391s, Customer Concept Documents, and other programming studies. LDG’s planners, architects, and engineers understand the importance of correctly capturing requirements at the onset of a project in order to develop an accurately sized and priced funding request. Our team has led charrettes across the world to work with stakeholders, identify their requirements, and develop the applicable program. Additionally, our team is experienced in validating these requirements against the applicable regulation to ensure they match to federal standards for programming or to a standard design.

Facility and Infrastructure Assessments

LDG has staff experienced in conducting Facility Condition Assessments, Facility Utilization Surveys, Facility Occupancy Verification Surveys, and various other facility and infrastructure assessments. Our staff has experience working with DoD personnel at military installations in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Additionally, the LDG geospatial practice serves as an indispensable, go-to service for a range of global and local infrastructure assessments. The team provides highly accurate surveying, mapping, GIS, and asset management programs to drive clients’ decisions in planning, design, and operation maintenance.

Real Property Management

LDG staff members have experience supporting real property services at a variety of DoD installations. Our team is capable of developing DD Form 1354s (Transfer and Acceptance of DoD Real Property) in order to support projects for facility turnover, transfer of responsibility between units, or improving overall installation accountability. In addition to these services, our team has also supported surveys for inputting information to BUILDER and GFEBS. In addition to our federal services, LDG has also become a trusted partner for several private sector clients’ property management needs.

Contracting Vehicles

LDG Federal can be accessed through the contract vehicles listed below. To discuss opportunities under these contracts, please contact Wes Baker at

DUNS: 056636634

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