Larson Design Group offers a wide variety of planning and programming services with unique expertise in Federal-specific master planning and programming. We work with communities, municipalities, government agencies and more to provide creative, compliant and economical solutions to our clients. LDG’s planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental specialists, engineers, and designers support everything from conceptual sketches to full master plans and design guidelines.

Master Planning

Whether it’s a university, military installation, industrial facility, community, or other project, Larson Design Group’s certified planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental specialists, engineers, and designers all collaborate to inspire distinct and vibrant destinations with everything from conceptual sketches to full master plans and design guidelines. We engage clients, stakeholders, and communities in a planning process that harmonizes aspirations and neutralizes concerns to create a vision for the future.

  • Land use planning
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Site assessments
  • Visioning
  • Strategic planning
  • Design guidelines
  • Planning regulations
  • Community engagement
  • Infrastructure development


Our team has led charrettes around the world to work with stakeholders, identify their requirements, and develop the applicable program. Additionally, our team is experienced in validating these requirements against the applicable regulation to ensure they match federal standards and regulations. LDG’s planners also work hand-in-hand with our architects and engineers to provide technical support at the programming-level to ensure new sites and facilities are correctly programmed for future design efforts and funding requests. Additionally, our team is well versed in developing conceptual or rough order of magnitude cost estimates as part of the programming stage.

  • Space Programs
  • Blocking & Stacking Exercises
  • Facility utilization studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • DD Form 1391s (DoD)
  • Cost Estimates & Economic Analyses

Transportation Planning

LDG’s planning team has developed a vast array of supporting transportation planning projects across the country. Our planners work with technical subject matter experts to bridge data-driven analysis with stakeholder requirements. This includes using traffic counts, public surveys, interviews, GIS analysis and mapping, along with collaborative workshops to develop implementable solutions to improve transportation networks.

  • Transportation Management Plans
  • Transportation Access Studies
  • Parking plans
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Mobility planning
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Network plans

Parks & Trail Planning

At LDG, we have built our reputation on providing client-focused design services to communities – but we haven’t stopped there. From parks to trails, buildings to playgrounds, we help sites attain their highest level of functionality and beauty for our clients. Using imagination and knowledge, LDG’s professionals immerse themselves in the planning, design, preservation, and management of each project to integrate landscapes with the built environment. We strive to create a relationship that enhances the user’s experience and supports our client’s goals.

Community planning and landscape architecture strengthen communities, promote business growth, improve the quality of life for residents, and provide a balanced and enjoyable outdoor space for future generations. We help our clients determine their needs, connect with funding sources, control costs, and stay on schedule. Over the past 30 years, we have completed multiple trail, park, and recreation projects that have provided us with a wealth of experience, including the ability to develop a complete, well-designed, and technically sound park system.

  • Bike Path & Rails-to-Trails Plans
  • Park & Recreation Master Plans
  • Motorized & Non-motorized Trail Plans
  • Athletic Facility Design
  • Wayfinding & Signage
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News & Insights
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