Montour Township, PA

Rupert Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

In September 1994, this bridge was closed to traffic due to structural distress. A 3-D finite element analysis was performed for the covered bridge. Analysis results revealed that a different structure should be investigated to carry the traffic loads. Other project criteria included maintaining the existing bridge appearance and not decreasing the lower chord elevations. Design studies resulted in a “bridge within a covered bridge” concept that isolated the traffic loads to a 3-span continuous weathering steel I-beam bridge. This concept included replacement of approximately 50% of the original 1847 Burr Arch Trusses, split ring timber splice connections, Teflon-coated stainless steel sliding plates between the steel diaphragms and the timber verticals, non-interconnected glulaminated timber deck, full width timber wearing surface, two new reinforced concrete piers, and abutment rehabilitations with architectural surface treatment.

Roadway improvements included realignment near the approach, with a new intersection at Train Street. Safety improvements included guide rail, signing, pavement markings, and wheel guards within the bridge.

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