Bradford County, PA

T-764 Over Bullard Creek

Bradford County Bridge #34 is a two span steel through girder located in a rural area of Rome Township, Bradford County. The structure was posted at 5 Tons due to section loss on several steel stringers and floorbeams and was the only access for several County residents to their homes. The 5 ton posting limited access for emergency service vehicles and fuel truck deliveries. Bradford County Commissioners retained Professional Design Services from Larson Design Group to design and administered the rehabilitation of the structure and have the work completed as soon as possible. LDG was scoped to complete repairs to the structure to carry 15 Ton vehicle loads due to the overall condition of the structure and limited funding. Services performed by LDG included: design of replacement stringers, floorbeam strengthening, steel girder repair, load rating analyses, DEP Permit submission and approval, construction drawings, bid document preparation and letting, and construction administration and observation of the project. The project was completed on schedule.

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