Bloomsburg, PA

Scott Elderly Housing

The Scott Elderly Housing Project consists of four single-story buildings, housing a total of 24 units and a community center. All the units are similar in layout and area (850 sq. ft.). Each unit has an independent heating and cooling system and consists of a bedroom with a walk-in closet, a living room, an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom, and a utility room. The front porches open onto a lawn and are linked together with a concrete walk that surrounds the common parking area. All the units are wheelchair accessible or adaptable. One unit is equipped for the visually/hearing impaired.

The community center is equipped with a laundry facility and a meeting room with a kitchenette where the residents can share meals. A small office will be used by Columbia County Housing Corporation (CCHC), which takes care of the landscaping and the repairs.

Across the street, another project was designed by Larson Design Group that consists of ten single-family starter homes. By bringing elderly and single-family homes together, the developer is hoping to create a sense of community where inter-generational relationships are nurtured.

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