Light Industrial

At Larson Design Group, our success in the light industrial, warehouse, and distribution center market is our ability to wrap a building around an existing process, regardless of what that process is. We understand the inter-connected nature of the elements making up the manufacturing process and how those elements impact each other, from accommodating the storage of various chemicals to understanding the different processes that will take place in the building. Our expertise extends to a comprehensive understanding of the available building options such as pre-engineered metal buildings, tilt-up construction, modular, and pre-cast buildings, and helping our clients determine which building is best for them. Project types in this market include warehouse and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, recycling centers, vehicle maintenance facilities, aircraft hangars, and fueling facilities.

Light Industrial Services

Alternative Delivery

LDG’s staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of alternative project delivery methods including design-build, adapt-build, integrated project design, and public-private partnerships (P3). Our experience with diverse project delivery methods affords LDG the flexibility to employ the best solution to maximize project quality and client value. Additionally, LDG’s expertise with all types of building construction methods such as pre-engineered metal buildings, as well as tilt-up, modular, and pre-fabricated construction allows us to assist clients in selecting the construction method best suited for their schedule and budget.

Architecture & Interior Design

The architectural considerations for buildings in the light industrial market include paying attention to items such as ceiling heights and super-level floors to accommodate robotics and the intended processes. The addition of office and meeting spaces on these types of projects provides an opportunity to design an architecturally innovative and pleasing building.

Civil Engineering

Our expertise in civil engineering for light industrial projects ranges from balancing the site to decrease the site preparation costs, to providing for the safe flow of traffic and pedestrians at the facility, to ensuring the final site conditions simultaneously accommodate everything from the final elevation of the facility’s floor to the grade for rail spurs and loading docks.

Construction Services

Serving as the client’s on-site representative, LDG’s construction services staff guarantee that construction is both moving forward within the schedule and budget constraints as well as adhering to the design specifications and established industry standards. When the project involves renovating, retrofitting, or expanding an existing facility, LDG’s construction services staff ensures the continued operations during construction while addressing the safety of the building’s occupants.

Geotechnical Engineering

When it comes to the design of light industrial, warehouse, and distribution facilities geotechnical engineering plays a particularly important role. The building’s ultimate use will drive the structural engineering design requirements. However, the structural engineering design requirements will be determined by the geotechnical characteristics and constraints of the site. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation and thorough understanding of each site’s geotechnical features is critical for both the current project as well as any future expansions.

M/E/P Engineering

Our engineers take an exceedingly thorough approach to evaluating the unique MEP requirements associated with each project. From ensuring sufficient air exchange as well as the appropriate level of heating and cooling, to providing electrical service supporting current and future operations, and a sufficient amount of water for fire protection, industrial processes, and human consumption: Our goal is to design systems that are engineered within the context of the project.


The key to successful planning for a light industrial facility is clearly understanding the processes taking place inside the building and developing a floor plan and layout around those processes. Essentially, it is designing the right sizes of the right components in the right places in order for the building to function efficiently.

Structural Engineering

LDG’s structural engineers understand the specialized engineering that supports energy initiatives and work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. We review and consider all of a project’s structural requirements as well as the project requirements for the other engineering disciplines and use that input to develop our structural engineering approach. Whether designing collector buildings, structural foundations for wind turbines, or supporting solar panel installations LDG has the expertise to support the design of new structures as well as the rehabilitation and analysis of existing structures.

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