Cogan House Township Lycoming County, PA

Buckhorn Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

The Buckhorn Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project is a Timber Burr Arch Truss Covered Bridge and was built in 1877, significantly rehabilitated in 1998. The purpose of this rehabilitation was to improve its structural integrity and extend its useful life, yet maintain its historic significance.

All existing areas of timber decay were replaced in-kind, with new full sawn pressure treated timbers. All existing timber connections were duplicated, and split-ring splices were used on the new timber arches, lower chords, and verticals. Split-ring splices were chosen because of their structural effectiveness and compatibility with existing members. The lower chords were repaired with new concrete bearing seats including neoprene pads, new steel bearing shoes for the arch ends help to resist movement. The floor beams were strengthened to increase the load capacity by three tons.

The project also included the replacement of the timber drop (German) siding and cedar shingles roof including the rafters, ties and rafter supports. The bridge exterior and renovations were completed with new paint and stain coatings.

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