Lycoming County, PA

RVT CNG Station & Garage Modifications

Larson Design Group (LDG) prepared a feasibility study, provided grant writing assistance, and moved forward with full construction documents for a fast-fill fueling station open to the public and private enterprises. Design also included renovations to maintenance repair garages to bring them up to CNG code compliance.

LDG was contracted with the City of Williamsport to provide design services for a fast-fill CNG fueling station and garage modifications.

The project started with a feasibility study and grant writing to successfully obtain funds for building the station. To obtain other fueling partners, LDG established the CNG Focus Group, which brought awareness and collaboration on CNG fueling infrastructure.

The fast-fill CNG station was designed with three private fueling locations for River Valley Transit as well as a dedicated public fueling island. The station was constructed with two CNG compressors with provisions to add a third compressor for future volume.

In order to maximize their space and give them adequate room for the expansion, existing mulch and brush piles of the existing public recycling facility were moved to the West side of Lycoming Creek. The space is a combination of bituminous paving for vehicle parking and access along with two separate structurally reinforced concrete pads to accommodate the individual recycling bins.

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