Bricktown Fire Station

Fire Station #6 which is located in the Bricktown Historical District in downtown Oklahoma City has been 10 years in the making. It is the first LEED certified project built by the City of Oklahoma City. In 2000, the City asked the public to fund the replacement and relocation of Fire Station No. 6 in order to better serve the downtown area and surrounding districts. The project went through multiple rounds of design—being molded by absorbing input from local authorities, district urban design committees, and the public. We incorporated design iconography of historical fire stations and vernacular architectural elements common to Bricktown for a truly unique design representing the image of the re-emerging Bricktown district. To celebrate the history of Fire Station #6, we worked with the Oklahoma City Fire Department to include a lobby/museum that houses historical equipment, the city’s first motorized fire engine from 1910, and a mural depicting the rich heritage of the station for the public’s enjoyment.