Challenge: The bridge is important to Knoebels Amusement Park. It is used daily by employees and campers leaving and entering the campground at the park. The bridge’s concrete deck was deteriorating, as were the concrete curbs and bridge railings. The contractor had to have the project completed before the Independence Day holiday weekend to meet the traffic demands of the amusement park. The Independence Day weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for the park.

Solution: The deck was replaced with a composite reinforced concrete deck. In addition, the curbs and railings were replaced. We replaced the concrete end diaphragms and the concrete wing caps. We constructed grouted rock scour protection around the pier and the entire steel superstructure was blast cleaned and painted. The project also included improvements to the approach roadway and the installation of guide rail. The contractor was able to meet all schedules.

Outcome: The bridge’s structural integrity has been preserved, ensuring a safe structure for years to come.