Our geotechnical services staff collects and interprets earth and engineering data to assist with the design, construction, installation, and repair of projects. We offer a complete range of geotechnical services, including

  • site exploration
  • foundation design
  • geotechnical engineering (slope design and landslide remediation)
  • retaining walls
  • rock engineering
  • and trenchless construction design.


Our geotechnical staff has experience in field investigations, laboratory testing, analysis/design, and construction support services.

Site Investigations

LDG provides site characterization expertise with geologic and seismic hazards analyses to support our clients’ designs. Our professionals identify critical conditions early in the project so potential geohazards can be addressed and/or mitigated.

Foundation Design

LDG determines the right foundation solution for all types of structures including walls, bridges, buildings, wind turbines, and tanks. Based on the site conditions, we determine the correct foundation for your project, such as shallow (spread footings, mats), intermediate (ground improvement methods), or deep foundations (piles, drilled shafts, auger cast).

Retaining Walls

We use geotechnical intelligence to determine the correct wall type for your project’s specific conditions. We’ll help you determine the retaining wall that’s best the best choice for your prohect, whether it’s cast-in-place concrete, soldier pile and lagging, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE), gabion, or a soil-nail wall.

Trenchless Construction Design

We have trenchless technology professionals with experience in pipeline installations such as horizontal directional drilling, jack and bore, and pipe ramming for liquid and gas, water, and sewage pipelines.

seismic Evaluation

Earthquakes may be inevitable, but geological and geotechnical engineering services are valuable tools for protecting your projects from them. Our geotechnical professionals are well versed in the fields of seismic hazards evaluations.