Larson Design Group provides the full spectrum of services for the water/wastewater market. We have assisted clients with day-to-day operations through our numerous on-call retainer contracts. We have also supported them with the larger, multi-million-dollar wastewater and water treatment facility capital projects that only occur once every 40 to 50 years. Our experience ranges from water purification and distribution to sewer water collection and treatment. This includes pipeline systems, treatment plants, filtration systems, pump stations, treatment systems, reservoirs, holding tanks, force mains, as well as grant writing and funding assistance. In fact, we are experts at helping clients identify and secure project funding through low interest loans and/or grants from a variety of state and federal sources. Our approach to each project is the same – we leverage the expertise of our multi-disciplined in-house specialists to provide our clients with high quality, economical solutions.

Water/Wastewater Services

Alternative Delivery

LDG’s staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of alternative project delivery methods including design-build, adapt-build, integrated project design, and public-private partnerships (P3). Our experience with diverse project delivery methods affords LDG the flexibility to employ the best solution to maximize project quality and client value.

Civil Engineering

At Larson Design Group, we have specialized water/wastewater engineers in-house providing a range of services. Projects may include renovations to treatment plants, right-of-way services, and pipeline engineering for the distribution of potable water or the collection of wastewater, complete civil engineering, force main and pump station designs, administrative buildings, and more. We also employ licensed engineers and licensed plant operators as full-time personnel to provide unique design expertise from the operations perspective. This allows us to effectively troubleshoot existing systems as well as support the cut over to a new system, making sure that the start-up is smooth, the new system operates efficiently, and customers continue to receive high quality service.

Construction Services

LDG's cadre of certified construction services staff is dedicated to representing your interests at the construction site. Through a variety of services such as materials testing, schedule coordination, change order management, project documentation, ensuring the work is being performed according to the plans, applicable codes, and specifications, and verifying invoices for payment, we help to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. The key to LDG’s success is our commitment to ensuring the right inspectors with the right experience are assigned to each project; inspectors who understand and are sensitive to the nuances of how water/wastewater projects differ from other construction projects.


LDG’s staff of environmental specialists and scientists are successful because they continually seek to balance the needs of the owner, the community, and the environment by providing environmentally sensitive and sustainable project solutions. We have substantial experience with stream mitigation projects, wetland identification and delineation, threatened and endangered species habitat identification, low impact development (LID), and coordinating with permitting agencies. All of these are critical requirements in securing the environmental clearances needed to move water/wastewater project forward.

Geotechnical Engineering

Whether it is evaluating the foundation requirements of a new water storage tank or determining the placement of a new water well, a thorough understanding of a project’s subsurface conditions is critical to the design of practically every project. LDG’s geotechnical staff begins work on each project during the concept stage, and their involvement continues through the design phase into project construction. This unique approach to geotechnical engineering ensures our staff is intimately familiar with a project, which helps us deliver right-sized and cost-effective solutions.

GIS / Asset Management

With a wide variety of asset management methods available, LDG believes that a one-size-fits-all approach will often fall short of meeting client expectations. Instead, LDG works with clients to understand their specific capabilities and needs and to identify a complete, tailored asset management program. This practice incorporates detailed asset inventories, identification and prioritization of routine maintenance and needed capital improvements, and critical asset analysis and long-range financial planning to maintain system performance. LDG’s subject matter experts develop depreciation models for new and existing systems, determine replacement costs for individual components, and implement GIS-based tools that can help clients to make informed decisions, saving time and money throughout the asset life cycle. Mapping these complex systems and implementing a geographic information system (GIS) allows clients to track problems, look at trends, and locate aging infrastructure or defects in the system. All of this affords municipal authorities the opportunity to track assets, assess infrastructure, and plan for the future. Together, these practices help assure that a utility system remains properly functioning, well maintained, and sustainable over the long term.

M/E/P Engineering

Our engineers take an exceedingly thorough approach to evaluating the unique MEP requirements associated with each project. From ensuring the appropriate level of heating and cooling, to providing electrical service supporting current and future operations, and setting up SCADA systems to help remotely monitor processes. Our goal is to design systems that are engineered within the context of the project. Additionally, our LEED® certified professionals evaluate process operations in order to minimize energy needs, increase efficiency, and consider the long-term value for each project.


Permitting and regulatory compliance can be complex. Our experienced, in-house team knows how to work with local jurisdictions and navigate permitting while proactively supporting needs and desires of the local community.

• State environmental permitting
• Agency application preparation
• US Army Corps of Engineers permitting guidance/support
• Erosion and sediment control plans
• County agency coordination
• Regulatory strategies/negotiations

Survey & Mapping

Combining traditional survey with state-of-the-art UAV/drone technology, Larson Design Group offers a range of survey and mapping services to get the right information to clients as quickly and accurately as possible. Our application of 3D laser scanning and terrestrial LiDAR allows our field teams to capture hundreds of thousands of measurements every minute, delivering the highest level of detail in a safer manner more quickly.

Structural Engineering

LDG’s structural engineers understand the specialized engineering that supports energy initiatives and work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. We review and consider all of a project’s structural requirements as well as the project requirements for the other engineering disciplines and use that input to develop our structural engineering approach. Whether designing collector buildings, structural foundations for wind turbines, or supporting solar panel installations LDG has the expertise to support the design of new structures as well as the rehabilitation and analysis of existing structures.

Stormwater Engineering

Our stormwater team is comprised of planners, engineers, and technical experts who can help guide our clients through the constantly evolving field of Stormwater Management.

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News & Insights
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