Chautauqua County, NY

Ball Hill Wind Park Design

e Ball Hill Wind Energy project is an approximately 100 megawatt (M.W.) wind powered electric generating, transmitting, and interconnecting facility. The project will consist of up to forty-two (42) individual wind turbines located in the towns of Villenova (35 turbines) and Hanover (7 turbines), Chautauqua County, New York. Turbines are proposed on 80m and 98m towers to remain below FAA maximum heights due to a local county airport. In addition, 17 miles of access roads to connect each turbine to the town, county and state roads have been planned to meet strict regulatory guidelines and land owner lease requirements.

The project includes four (4) individual 35 K.V. underground collection circuits conveying the power from the wind turbines to the new substation. A new six (6) mile long, 115 K.V., overhead electric transmission line will convey electricity from a new substation to a new switch yard. Larson Design Group has been able to work closely with Pike Energy Solutions to plan and design these interconnect facilities to meet the operational needs of Duke Energy. Larson Design Group’s responsibilities for this project include (but are not limited to) boundary and topographic survey, subdivision plans, lease plats, Geographic Information System (GIS) base mapping, zoning application preparation, Environmental Impact Statement preparation, public hearings, construction plans, erosion control plans, post-construction stormwater management plans, water/wastewater design, SWPPP permitting, alignment studies, grading, Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP) and utility coordination. In addition, LDG worked with subconsultants to complete communication impact studies, wind resource and performance metrics, noise/flicker/visual impacts, FAA approval, Joint Permit Applications, Avian Resource Assessments and mitigation planning.

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