Larson Design Group’s success in the community market is driven by our commitment to delivering solutions that enhance where we live and work. We provide full-service, in-house planning, architecture, and engineering services for projects such as urban and master planning, neighborhood revitalization, streetscapes, rails-to-trails, and brownfield rehabilitations. Additionally, LDG’s thorough understanding of how to navigate the funding acquisition and approval process means our clients benefit from their close working relationship with LDG.

Community Services

Architecture & Interior Design

The architectural and interior design considerations for buildings in the community market include achieving a balance between the building’s function and cost in order to ensure that the maximum value is received for each taxpayer dollar spent on the project. Consideration for historic neighborhoods and buildings afford an opportunity to provide context sensitive designs that combine the old with the new. Our approach to architecture and interior design is focused on delivering projects that are technically and visually innovative, sustainable, efficient, unique and exciting – and that clients are proud to have in their community.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering associated with community clients is a core strength at LDG. Using our in-house site planning and engineering services, LDG researches and analyzes each site to determine particular needs, developing plans that minimize the site preparation costs while maximizing the site’s value. From site design considerations such as public and multi-modal transportation to stormwater management, utilities, parking requirements, permits, and occupancy considerations, LDG’s expert staff of civil engineers have spent their entire careers honing the skills necessary to successfully complete projects of all types and sizes.

Landscape Architecture

LDG knows that when done right, landscape architecture helps strengthen communities, grow businesses, improve our quality of life, and provide a balanced environment for future generations. Our experts are immersed in the planning, design, preservation, and management of landscapes. Projects include trails, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, camp grounds, and streetscapes. We use our imagination and experience to help integrate landscapes with the built and natural environment, creating a harmonious relationship that brings a holistic, aesthetic impression to its users while supporting the goals of our clients.

M/E/P Engineering

Our engineers take an exceedingly thorough approach to evaluating the unique MEP requirements associated with each project. From evaluating the energy efficiency of public buildings to providing electrical service supporting current and future operations and providing the appropriate level of life safety and fire protection: Our goal is to design systems that are engineered within the context of the project. Our LEED® certified professionals evaluate the life cycle cost analysis in order to minimize operating expenses and energy needs, increase efficiency, and consider the long-term value for each project.


The key to successful planning is understanding how a particular project will enhance the community. Our landscape architects, environmental specialists, engineers, and designers support everything from conceptual sketches to full master plans and design guidelines. We are accustomed to helping clients understand construction costs and we have even supported filing the required paperwork to obtain project grants and/or matching funds.

Structural Engineering

LDG’s structural engineers understand the specialized engineering that supports energy initiatives and work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. We review and consider all of a project’s structural requirements as well as the project requirements for the other engineering disciplines and use that input to develop our structural engineering approach. Whether designing collector buildings, structural foundations for wind turbines, or supporting solar panel installations LDG has the expertise to support the design of new structures as well as the rehabilitation and analysis of existing structures.

At LDG, our experts monitor legislation and initiatives at state and local levels to help connect clients with opportunities for funding assistance or support the application process with cost estimates and more.

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