Lewisburg, PA

Christy Mathewson Drive



Driveway and parking lots were re-designed to provide for safer pedestrian travel and clearer direction for vehicular travel. A raised island was added to separate the parking lot from driveway.

To improve pedestrian safety, an additional sidewalk was added parallel to the driveway. Low-level bollard lighting was used to allow the walkways to be illuminated without impacting the nearby telescope observatory.

To increase safety in this section of campus, Code Blue phones and several features were put in place to encourage traffic calming. A raised speed table was installed near the top of the drive and the three existing parking lot entrances were combined into one that is now includes a 4-way stop sign to improve safety at the stadium entrance.

Stormwater runoff was also enhanced by adding a new collector pipe and re-grading around the stadium entrance to limit uncontrolled flow.

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