Lycoming County, PA

Peter Herdic Transportation Museum

The new Peter Herdic Transportation Museum in the City of Williamsport was created utilizing an old railroad freight storage building adjacent to a vacant portion of ground in the center of the City.

This part of Williamsport used to be a transportation hub for multiple railroads during the early – mid 1900’s. The project consisted of gutting the existing 4000 square foot building, remodeling the space for display of transportation-based artifacts, and constructing an outdoor exhibit, plaza and parking area.

Larson Design Group’s role in the project involved coordination of all of the design and construction activities, including coordination of/with:

  • Architectural design consultant
  • Hazardous material removal and disposal
  • State and local Historic agencies for clearances and approvals
  • State Transportation Agency for the Enhancement Program clearances and approvals
  • Local Historic Society and Museum for preparation of the displays and the creation of the graphics
  • Contract bidding to meet State DOT Standards
  • Purchase and restoration of the 1949 Pennsylvania Railroad mid Train Lounge Car
  • Restoration of the GMC Bus exhibit
  • Solicitation of Exhibit constructor, including facilitation of design committee input
  • Transportation and installation of GMC Bus and Pullman Rail Car
  • Design (by LDG) and construction of outdoor plaza
  • Design (by LDG) and construction of project signing
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