Capps Middle School

Putnam City Schools
Warr Acres, OK

James L. Capps Middle School is the newest school in the Putnam City District. Because of the site’s unique configuration – with Spring Creek running north and south through the center of the land – the building was designed to bridge the water. This enclosed bridge contains the media center, with grand vertical windows allowing for a dramatic view of the creek, and ample natural daylighting. The west side of the creek houses the administrative suite, commons, gymnasium, elective classrooms, and special education. Crossing the media center leads you to the east wing, where the 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade learning centers are located.

The building is organized with concepts of flexibility and collaboration. Each learning center can accommodate up to 3 teams of core classes and large science suites to promote collaborative learning.

On the exterior, modern, clean lines are employed, and a blend of brick, fiber-cement rainscreen panels, and glass create an innovative, inviting, aesthetically beautiful school.