Lycoming County, PA

Breon Marcellus Water Pump Station

LDG provided zoning, land development, survey, civil design and permitting for this Marcellus Water Pump Station. This facility required Conditional Use Approval and also a Highway Occupancy Permit from PennDOT. This station conveys water that is pumped out of a nearby waterway and supplies it to several Fresh Water Impoundments. This approach allows the Owner to supply water for drilling operations without using trucks.

The site required approval through a Conditional Use Hearing. When the owner asked LDG to assist, we evaluated the project and made changes to allow it to receive approval at the hearing. LDG worked closely with the Owner and the agencies, to ensure that it would comply with the guidelines and also function as needed for the owner. LDG then worked with the County to obtain Land Development approval. Once it was approved, LDG worked with the site contractor to ensure that the project was constructed in accordance with the project plans.

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