Alternative Delivery

LDG’s staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of alternative project delivery methods including design-build, adapt-build, integrated project design, and public-private partnerships (P3). Our experience with diverse project delivery methods affords LDG the flexibility to employ the best solution to maximize project quality and client value.


Supporting design-build delivery for governmental and private sector clients enables our design professionals and the general contractor to work together from the beginning, as a team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovative solutions to provide significant value to our clients. Our team has extensive design-build experience on projects across the country.


Larson Design Group has extensive experience across diverse markets with adapting prototypes to sites quickly and cost-effectively. We have the expertise to know what to use, how to adapt, and the process to quickly stand-up new projects.

Public-Private Partnership (P3)

From helping owners efficiently plan space, supporting real estate with site selection, coordinating with contractors to design the project, and collaborating with trade subcontractors to value engineer systems, we flexibly and efficiently navigate the complexities of P3 decision phases while maximizing the unique partnership.

Integrated Project Delivery

Our staff excels at organizing and progressing the resources needed to make the integrated project delivery approach work. Larson Design Group’s experts fully manage the design, make real-time recommendations or answer questions in the field, and align all parties involved. As the project progresses, we know who to engage, when and how so that the vision of the owner is translated into a successful project.

Agency Construction Management

Larson Design Group offers professional service to support the owner or an existing agency construction manager in making selections and implementation on projects of any size. Our goal is always to act as an extension-of-staff during a project by attending meetings, answering questions, and monitoring the quality of delivery through technical and fiscal aspects.


An evolving delivery method with significant advantages related to precision and reliability, modular construction significantly impacts design. Larson Design Group engineers have the experience and expertise to understand and flexibly integrate design based on the building and systems and the implications of modular delivery.

Program Management

Larson Design Group has the resources, talent, and experience both directly and indirectly supporting significant programs nationwide. We can lend expertise to the big picture. From straight-forward to complex programs, we are committed to representing clients’ interest as extension-of-staff and expertly supporting each individual project simultaneously.

News & Insights
News & Insights
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At LDG, we know that our people are our greatest asset.

By Joining Forces with Oklahoma-based LWPB Inc.

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