Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Camp Hill to Capital Corridor Safety Study

Larson Design Group (LDG) was a member of a project team that provided traffic engineering and planning on behalf of the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study (HATS) for the Camp Hill to Capital corridor safety study along US Routes 11 and 15 from Camp Hill to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The study process included data collection; mapping and categorizing the existing conditions; analyzing the findings; conducting stakeholder outreach; developing recommendations; and preparing a final report.

The study included numerous recommendations such as speed reductions on Route 15; revisiting the locations of school zones; sidewalk maintenance and improvements; restriping crosswalks; conducting a traffic study to investigate reducing side-street access; upgrading corridor lighting; installing optical speed bars at key locations to slow traffic; and performing a speed study to investigate reducing speed on Forster Street. The final report included a priorities matrix outlining the timing, cost, funding sources, and responsible parties for each recommendation as well as providing conceptual level cost estimates and identified funding opportunities for the improvements.

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