Structural Engineering

The structural design of any building or facility requires evaluating the intended use of the building and considering details like floor loads, vibrations, seismic activity, equipment movement, the amount of required interior open space, and the spacing between columns. Our structural engineers address the client’s present needs as well as taking into account any future facility expansion. From there, LDG’s structural engineers work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. Additionally, LDG’s expertise with all types of building construction methods such as pre-engineered metal buildings, as well as tilt-up, modular, and pre-fabricated construction allows us to assist clients in selecting the construction method best suited for their schedule and budget.

Featured Capabilities

Vertical construction
Tilt-up construction
Offsite construction/modular
Condition inspection
Condition assessment
Water/Wastewater structures or facilities
Specialized foundation design
Noise walls
Retaining walls
Low-rise building design
Building component design
Remodeling/retrofit support
Structural condition assessment
Demolition support
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
News & Insights
News & Insights
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LDG Phoenix Team Grows into New Office

In the age of COVID-19, the spotlight has been focused on healthcare workers and the tireless work they undertake to keep us safe.

Innovation and learning are two of Larson Design Group (LDG)’s core values, and 2020 was an excellent year to showcase how they’re implemented in day-to-day operations.

Our 2020 expansion into the Southwest region of the country is proving to be successful and LDG has transitioned into a new, larger space for its Phoenix office.