Challenge: The Bradford County Commissioners retained us to complete the rehabilitation of three existing non-composite adjacent box beam bridges, two of which were structurally deficient. We were tasked with preserving the existing superstructures as much as eliminating the SD bridges.


Solution: The proposed rehabilitations included setting dowel reinforcement in predrilled holes in the existing adjacent box beams and constructing new composite concrete decks. The bridge parapets were either modifed or replaced to eliminate the existing open deflection joints. Minor modifications to the substructures were required on bridges that received new parapets to accommodate the proposed deck overhangs. The substructure modifications consisted of removing and reconstructing the cheekwalls. We coated the fascia beams with an epoxy resin to prevent future deterioration of the superstructures. We also paved the approach roadways to provide a smooth transition onto the bridges and the installation of approach guide rail.


Outcome: Upon Completion of the project, the two previously structurally deficient bridges were removed from the structure deficient bridge list and all three of the bridges existing prestressed beam superstructures were preserved for many years of service with the addition of the reinforced concrete deck.  The project was completed on schedule.