Larson Design Group has been awarded the final geotechnical exploration for the planned Suncrest Elementary School in Morgantown, West Virginia. The project site is situated in an area underlain by glacial lake soils that extend to depths on the order of 60 feet. The project architect, Ted Shriver, of Williamson Shriver Architects, has a solid working relationship with Jane Hicks. Mr. Shriver contacted LDG following his receipt of the preliminary geotechnical report that was prepared by a local LDG competitor.

After reviewing the report, the architect and BOE opted to use Larson Design Group for the remainder of the geotechnical work. They have also assured us that we will also be providing quality control services during construction. We are hopeful that Williamson Shriver, who provides a majority of the architectural services for Monongalia and Preston County Boards of Education, will consider retaining LDG for future school-related projects.