Lycoming County, PA

I-80, 29S Safety Improvement Project

This Interstate 180 (I-180) safety improvement project consisted of traffic analyses, engineering studies, and final design.

The purpose of this safety project was to reduce congestion and revise traffic patterns to improve the traffic flow between the Basin Street and Maynard Street Interchanges in Williamsport, PA. This stretch of the interstate currently experiences the highest traffic volumes of any highway within the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Engineering District 3-0 state highway system (ADT>50,000).

This project included the study and design of interchange improvements at Via Bella, Hepburn Street, Mulberry Street and Basin Street. The work included ramp modifications to increase queuing storage and improve traffic movements for vehicles exiting and entering I-180. Turning lanes were added to all off-ramps within the project limits. The traffic signals were coordinated with existing nearby signals. New highway signing was completed for I-180 and U.S. 15. Also included in the project were pavement rehabilitation, curb and sidewalk replacement, new highway lighting, utility relocation, and drainage improvements.

The project also required penetration of the existing Williamsport flood protection project levee adjacent and beneath the roadway footprint. The work included design details for a storm sewer outlet to the Susquehanna River. A new control manhole and flood gate were designed and constructed. Coordination with the Baltimore U.S. Army Corps of Engineers included both temporary and final provisions to ensure the integrity of the levee.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) coordination was required for railroad involvements within the project limits. Several public meetings and plans displays were required with public officials, business owners, and the general public to obtain their input and support for the project.

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