Olathe, Kansas

CNG Study for the City of Olathe, Kansas



Larson Design Group (LDG) performed a detailed fleet analysis for the city purchasing CNG solid waste vehicles and other municipal vehicles. A cost estimate and feasibility study of updating the maintenance garage, weld shop, and wash bay was completed.

LDG was hired as a subconsultant to Small Arrow Engineering to perform a fleet analysis and feasibility for modifications needed for the maintenance garage, weld shop and wash bay.

The garage feasibility looked at the existing ventilation, heating equipment, and electrical equipment to determine what systems would need to be modified to meet compliance for CNG powered vehicles. LDG provided an Opinion of Probable Cost and a methane detection system layout.

LDG performed a fleet analysis for the City of Olathe, Kansas, a city that operates a fleet of over 500 vehicles. Utilizing fueling data provided by the City, LDG assessed each vehicle for its viability to be converted to CNG, and detailed a conceptual vehicle replacement plan that yielded a design fueling scenario to ensure the capacity of the proposed CNG fueling equipment was adequate. The capital investment costs of the CNG infrastructure were weighed against the operational cost savings from the CNG fuel usage to identify the overall financial feasibility of the project for the City.

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