At Larson Design Group, our success in the healthcare market is driven by design and engineering professionals who understand the synchronized nature of healthcare today. We know the unique and specialized requirements surrounding healthcare facilities, from strict compliance with varied department of health regulations to the complexity of the layout of a healthcare facility; ensuring the appropriate departments and services are located in proximity to each other. LDG’s professionals are skilled at arranging all of those elements to maximize efficiency and designing a building to enclose everything. From hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings to pharmacies or independent living communities, healthcare facilities are facing challenges that demand the innovative and integrated services only a multi-disciplined firm like LDG can provide.

Healthcare Services

Alternative Delivery

LDG’s staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of alternative project delivery methods including design-build, adapt-build, integrated project design, and public-private partnerships (P3). Our experience with diverse project delivery methods affords LDG the flexibility to employ the best solution to maximize project quality and client value.

Architecture & Interior Design

The architecture and interior design considerations for buildings in the healthcare market are significant. They include paying attention to details such as surfaces that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, employing evidence-based design to have a positive impact on patients and staff, and developing floorplans that enhance efficiency and maximize patient care. LDG is experienced in the architecture and interior design for a variety of healthcare facilities such as medical office buildings, urgent care clinics, dental clinics, stand-alone and integral pharmacies and more.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering associated with the healthcare market is a core strength at LDG. Our expertise ranges from balancing the site in order to decrease the site preparation costs, to providing for the safe flow of traffic and pedestrians when the project is complete, to ensuring the final site conditions simultaneously accommodate everything from stormwater management and utilities to the parking requirements, permits, and occupancy considerations. Our expert staff have honed the skills required to successfully navigate the myriad of tasks associated with civil engineering projects in the healthcare market.

Construction Services

LDG’s construction services staff understand the important role they play in addressing the unique challenges that arise during construction projects at healthcare facilities. In addition to the normal project issues, challenges such as ensuring the facility remains open, the construction does not interfere with normal functions, and isolating the construction site for staff, patient, and visitor safety become critical. Through a variety of services such as materials testing, schedule coordination, change order management, project documentation, ensuring the work is being performed according to the plans, applicable codes, and specifications, and verifying invoices for payment, we help to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Geotechnical Engineering

Whether it is evaluating the foundation requirements of a new surgical wing or determining the slope stability and retaining wall requirements associated with a new parking garage, a thorough understanding of a project’s subsurface conditions is critical to the design of practically every project. LDG’s geotechnical staff begins work on each project during the concept stage, and their involvement continues through the design phase into project construction. This unique approach to geotechnical engineering ensures our staff is intimately familiar with a project, which helps us deliver right-sized and cost-effective solutions.

M/E/P Engineering

Our engineers take an exceedingly thorough approach to evaluating the unique MEP requirements associated with each project. From ensuring sufficient air filtration throughout a hospital to balancing the positive and negative air pressure, to providing electrical service supporting current and future operations, and designing the systems to safely convey various medical gasses: Our goal is to design systems that are engineered within the context of the project. Additionally, our LEED® certified professionals evaluate the life cycle cost analysis in order to minimize operating expenses and energy needs, increase efficiency, and consider the long-term value for each project.


The key to successful planning in the healthcare market is understanding how a particular building or facility contributes to overall patient care. From space planning that allows medical staff to spend more time with patients to incorporating the latest techniques from evidence-based care our engineers and designers support everything from conceptual sketches to full master plans and design guidelines.

Structural Engineering

LDG’s structural engineers understand the specialized engineering that supports energy initiatives and work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. We review and consider all of a project’s structural requirements as well as the project requirements for the other engineering disciplines and use that input to develop our structural engineering approach. Whether designing collector buildings, structural foundations for wind turbines, or supporting solar panel installations LDG has the expertise to support the design of new structures as well as the rehabilitation and analysis of existing structures.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the country, perhaps no group is more affected than the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of the crisis.

At LDG, we know that our people are our greatest asset.

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