Monaca, PA

Brodhead Road Apartment Complex

CJ Betters Enterprises is proposing the development of three apartment buildings with a total of 36 multi-family residential units on a 3.65 acre parcel. The proposed development includes three individual parking garage units, consisting of five stalls each. The topography of the property required several retaining walls to provide grade relief across the site.

LDG provided the geotechnical design for this project as well as the survey, site, permitting, architecture, and MEPS services. The geotechnical design included:

  • Review of published documents for geo-hazards such as geology, deep mining, and landslide susceptibility;
  • Subsurface exploration program consisting of 19 borings;
  • Laboratory testing program;
  • Evaluations of soil and rock parameters, seismic, pavement design, slope stability, bearing capacity, and settlement;
  • Preparation of a geotechnical report that documents the services provided and provides recommendations for the design and construction of the proposed facilities.
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