Larson Design Group (LDG) was retained to design and permit a total of eight bridge and road repairs within Fox Township, Sullivan County, along Hoagland Branch Road (T-408). All eight of these projects were located within the Loyalsock State Forest adjacent to and interconnected with Hoagland Branch Creek. Hoagland Branch Creek discharges directly into Elk Creek, and Elk Creek discharges into Loyalsock Creek. Loyalsock Creek has a Chapter 93 Existing Use Designation: Exceptional Value (EV).

Damages associated with these projects occurred in 2011 by severe flooding events. Damages included three bridges and five roadway embankment washouts, which were separated into a total of eight projects. Seven of these projects were covered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The Environmental Group of LDG completed a full wetland delineation covering the eight sites and adjacent habitats. Prior to completing the associated field work, a PNDI Project Environmental Review was completed. The review receipt for these projects identified The Great-spurred Violet (Viola selkirkii) as the special concern species.

A full botanical survey for the species of concern was completed throughout the project corridor. The Great-spurred Violet was identified by the botanical survey completed by LDG’s Environmental Specialists. The projects were able to be completed by minimization and avoidance measures to ensure the projects would not impact the species of concern.