Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA

Bucknell University DeWitt Building

The existing DeWitt Building, at 416 Market Street, Lewisburg, was originally constructed in the late 1800s and operated as a mixed-use property totaling approximately 15,000 sq. ft. The first floor houses three commercial retail suites with Market Street frontage and rear alley access while the second and third floors remain residential apartments. Several building additions were made to the rear side of the building over time and are presently in poor condition. The Feasibility Study prepared by Larson Design Group (LDG) and observations made by the University indicated feasibility in maintaining the front portions of the building and targeting those areas for renovations and reuse.

Bucknell University’s overall objective for this project is to rehabilitate the property and building, occupy the first floor spaces with commercial tenant leases, remodel the second and third floor spaces into flexible office incubator space, and bring the facility up to standards for code compliance and energy efficiency. Developed parking areas were designed, accessible routes and egress provided, and installation of all new building electrical and mechanical systems completed.

To accomplish this objective as quickly as possible, the project was broken down into phases. The administration of the construction required two phases – Initial Occupancy and Final Construction and Completion.

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