As an essential part of infrastructure, transportation projects require the reliable, efficient expertise provided by Larson Design Group. Ranging from small traffic studies to intricate modeling; roadway reconstructions to major interstate improvements; small bridge culverts to expansive bridge structures, we consistently support local and federal governments, departments of transportation, turnpike commissions, departments of natural resources, and more with high-quality solutions for even the most complex transportation projects. LDG’s transportation services include bridge and highway engineering, bridge safety inspection and maintenance, traffic planning and engineering, and construction management and inspection services.

Transportation Expertise
Bridge Engineering
Bridge Safety Inspection & Maintenance
Highway Engineering
Traffic Planning & Engineering
Construction Management/Inspection

Our experienced team offers a range of services in bridge engineering (including design for small to medium span bridge structures, pedestrian, railroad, equestrian, and aqueduct projects), bridge and covered bridge rehabilitations, and bridge bundling projects.

We have broad expertise in completing bridge safety, overhead sign, and retaining wall inspections for private entities, local municipalities and state departments of transportation. We can assist clients not only with emergency bridge repairs/strengthening, but also long-term bridge maintenance plans to preserve their structures for years to come.

From interstates to rural roads, we provide innovative solutions for all aspects of highway design while focusing on the client’s objectives, minimizing costs, and meeting schedules. Our ability to deliver full project support from alternative alignment studies through final design and construction inspection/consultation helps us uncover efficiencies and cost-savings opportunities throughout the process.

We offer services encompassing all phases of traffic engineering and planning services including data collection, signs/signals/markings, zoning, land use planning/impacts, long-range transportation plans, capacity and safety analysis, a variety of specialty studies, and much more.

Through a variety of services such as materials testing, schedule coordination, change order management, project documentation, ensuring the work is being performed according to the plans, applicable codes, and specifications, and verifying invoices for payment, we help to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Transportation Services

Civil Engineering

LDG’s expert staff of civil engineers have honed the skills necessary to successfully complete transportation projects of all types and sizes. Their responsibilities include items such as providing stormwater management and drainage solutions for highway projects, preparing and submitting highway occupancy permits, and site preparation.

Construction Services

LDG’s cadre of certified construction services staff is dedicated to representing your interests at the construction site. Through a variety of services such as materials testing, schedule coordination, change order management, project documentation, ensuring the work is being performed according to the plans, applicable codes, and specifications, and verifying invoices for payment, we help to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.


LDG’s staff of environmental specialists and scientists are successful because they continually seek to balance the needs of the owner, the community, and the environment by providing environmentally sensitive and sustainable project solutions. We have substantial experience with stream mitigation projects, wetland identification and delineation, threatened and endangered species habitat identification, and coordinating with permitting agencies. All of these are critical requirements in securing the environmental clearances needed to move transportation projects forward.

Geotechnical Engineering

Whether it is determining the type of foundation a bridge pier will require or evaluating slope stability of a highway cut, a thorough understanding of a project’s subsurface conditions is critical to the design of practically every transportation project. LDG’s geotechnical staff begins work on each project during the concept stage, and their involvement continues through the design phase into project construction. This unique approach to geotechnical engineering ensures our staff is intimately familiar with a project, which helps us deliver right-sized and cost-effective solutions.

Survey & Mapping

Larson Design Group offers a range of survey and mapping services such as highway and roadway layout, rights-of-way, easements, street mapping, drainage ways and much more. Using state-of-the-art technology including 3D laser scanning and drones, we have world-class capabilities to successfully execute large scale survey and mapping projects quickly and economically.

Transportation Engineering

Our transportation engineers, designers, and technicians provide a fully integrated approach to transportation projects. The roadway, bridge, and traffic services incorporate design, inspection, traffic studies, and comprehensive planning to assess issues and recommend solutions. Our dedicated transportation experts have hundreds of years of combined experience supporting projects of all sizes.

Structural Engineering

LDG’s structural engineers understand the specialized engineering that supports energy initiatives and work toward an optimal balance between technical function and economic impact. We review and consider all of a project’s structural requirements as well as the project requirements for the other engineering disciplines and use that input to develop our structural engineering approach. Whether designing collector buildings, structural foundations for wind turbines, or supporting solar panel installations LDG has the expertise to support the design of new structures as well as the rehabilitation and analysis of existing structures.

News & Insights
News & Insights
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