Lewisburg, PA

Playworld Systems

Larson Design Group (LDG) and Playworld Systems, Inc. used the “close team concept” in developing the design and function of the three-story, 39,000 sq. ft. corporate office that was integrated with the 215,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant.

This design/build project included office space, a 3,520 sq. ft. multi-media conference room, an employee cafeteria with outdoor dining space, and a two-story atrium light well in the center of the office building. A two-story research and development area where product designs can be displayed for clients and sales representatives was also included.

The new manufacturing plant and the lower level of the office facility are recessed into a hillside to reduce the visual impact of such a large facility on the surrounding community. Extensive landscaping, including earth mounds, limestone outcroppings, and a variegated plant schedule enhances the site.

The design/build approach on this project facilitated the owner’s ability to consolidate multiple facilities into one central location without losing downtime due to construction.

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