Lycoming County, PA

Natural Gas Pipeline Cummings and McHenry Township

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided wetland, survey, permitting, and stream and wetland mitigation for a 5.8-mile pipeline in Lycoming County. LDG worked closely with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) in all aspects of routing and permitting of the project.

This pipeline was the second phase in a large transmission line in Lycoming County. The project originally proposed to open cut Little Pine Creek. LDG analyzed the crossing, sized the piping, and designed the flume crossing. The owner then decided to bore the creek and LDG turned around and re-permitted for a bore under Little Pine Creek.

The construction required clearing which causes permanent impacts to the quality of the riparian buffer along Little Pine Creek within the proposed pipeline crossing area. The owner proposed to replant 806 linear feet of riparian buffer along Little Pine Creek and an unnamed tributary to Little Pine Creek that traverses along the western boundary of the Lower Pine Picnic Area. The creation of riparian buffer will entail both shrub and herbaceous plantings. Approximately 413 linear feet of buffer was restored along Little Pine Creek while 393 linear feet of buffer will be enhanced along the unnamed tributary.

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