Bradford County, PA

S.R. 2024 Over Towanda Creek

Emmert International retained Professional Bridge Inspection Services from Larson Design Group to monitor the two span continuous steel multi-girder bridge carrying SR 2024 over Towanda Creek in Towanda Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania before and after the movement of four separate superloads weighing over 300 Tons across the structure. The inspections included investigation of the reinforced concrete deck with integral wearing surface, steel superstructure including continuous corrugated web girders, diaphragms, beam splices, longitudinal welds and the reinforced concrete substructure.

A total of six inspections were completed for this project. The inspections included an initial inspection to evaluate the condition of the structure prior to the superload crossings, four post-superload crossing inspections to monitor the structure for changes following the superload crossings and a final inspection to evaluate the bridge once temporary supports used to strengthen the bridge for the superload crossings were removed. The tasks of work included; field inspection, data collection and report preparation and submission.

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