Bucks County, PA

Route 13 Pedestrian Connector

This project consisted of the construction of a 970-foot long pedestrian trail. The project eliminated a hazardous condition in which the pedestrian tow path abruptly ended at the guide rail along Route 13 and did not provide a safe pedestrian crossing across the divided Route 13 Highway. This was a dangerous crossing for pedestrians due to the high speed and volume of traffic on Route 13. The project eliminated the dangerous crossing by incorporating two pedestrian underpass structures. The underpass structures consisted of 12’ by 8.5’ precast reinforced concrete box culverts. The northbound culvert is 69’ long and the southbound culvert is 64’ long. The pedestrian trail parallels the Delaware Canal. The location of the proposed tow path was optimized to provide a trail located as close to the historical tow path as possible while not affecting the canal prism. Larson Design Group (LDG) performed complete design and construction consultation services including structural, trail design, field survey, and shop drawing review.

During design, LDG completed feasibility studies to determine the most cost-effective option. Options evaluated included constructing underpass structures parallel to the Delaware Canal, overhead structures, and underpass structures off alignment from the Delaware Canal. In working with the client, LDG was able to provide a project that met the purpose of the project while being able to be constructed with limited availability funding.

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