Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a core strength at LDG, and we understand that the success of a project can hinge on the civil engineering design. Using our in-house site planning and engineering services, LDG researches and analyzes each site to determine particular needs, developing plans that minimize the site preparation costs while maximizing the site’s value. From site design to stormwater management, utilities, parking requirements, permits, zoning, and occupancy considerations, LDG’s expert staff of civil engineers have spent their entire careers honing the skills necessary to successfully complete civil engineering projects of all types and sizes.


Larson Design Group provides the entire spectrum of civil engineering across energy markets including oil & gas upstream, midstream, and downstream along with renewables and alternative fueling. From design through inspection, projects may include pipeline, pump stations, access roads, well pads, wind farms, facility design, collection and distribution systems and more.

Site/Land Development

We are experts at coordinating with local authorities for issues related to permitting in jurisdictions across the county. Our site design services focus on building parking and utility layout, cut and fill analysis and calculations, storm water management, erosion and sediment control plans, permitting, and more, for projects across the country.

Water/Wastewater Engineering

From potable water distribution and sewer water collection lines to water or wastewater treatment plant design services, septic system design, hydraulic modeling, infiltration/inflow studies, permeability testing and much more, Larson Design Group has experience providing civil engineering for systems ranging from hundreds to millions of equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) with a variety of water/wastewater specific solutions.

Water Resources Management

With our in-house and specialized expertise related to water resource management, LDG’s environmental and civil engineers collaborate to support client needs. Whether restoration, planning, or management related, we can ensure focused, results-driven services such as:

  • Stormwater management
  • Flood plain studies
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Bridge scour analysis
  • Hydrology/Hydraulics
  • Stream restoration
  • Water quality/Quality management
  • Best Management Practices
  • Wetlands
  • Watershed Planning


Larson Design Group’s civil engineers work closely with local utility providers from the onset of design to coordinate the specific needs for each project. Whether it is new construction or relocations, our team has extensive experience designing to utility agency standards while coordinating utility locations and sizes with other engineering disciplines supporting the overall project.

Feasibility / Pre-Design

Larson Design Group’s civil engineers specialize site selection, site master planning, feasibility studies, and conceptual design alternatives. We can save our clients valuable time and considerable money during construction when our team is engaged early in the process. We collaborate to shape the overall vision of the project so clients know they will get the best and most efficient site designs from our team.

Funding Assistance

At Larson Design Group, we can support clients with obtaining project funding, supporting the entire process of identifying, preparing the technical approach, applying, and implementing.

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News & Insights
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