Milton, PA

Milton Broadway Streetscape Improvements

Representatives of Milton’s central business district asked LDG to improve the mobility, safety, and aesthetics of its streetscape. The Borough’s goals were satisfied through the installation of new curb cuts and high visibility crosswalks, lighting that meets current standards, beautiful sidewalk accents, and street trees.

When necessary, LDG helped the Borough coordinate utility relocations, property encroachments, and construction phasing within the bustling business district. LDG guided the Borough through the complicated PennDOT design review and approval process to ensure the project stayed on schedule.

This project utilized PennDOT Transportation Alternatives Program funding; therefore, the design and construction met all PennDOT standards and utilized the ECMS system for bidding and construction administration.

In addition to improving the current central business district, the project included the development of a design standard that will be replicated for future phases, ensuring that the streetscape’s elegance will be replicated throughout the business district.

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