Challenge: PennDOT District 8-0 retained us to inspect the George Wade and John Harris bridges to meet the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards. We were tasked with completing a hands-on inspection of the fracture critical structures to verify the bridges’ structural safety and identify any new problems since the last inspection was performed. The George Wade bridge is over 5200 feet long and the John Harris bridge 3300 feet long. Both bridges are over 100’ wide.

Solution: The inspection took numerous weeks with multiple inspection crews. The structures were inspected using UB-60 and UB-75 under-bridge cranes, bridge trackers positioned in the river below the bridge, and two man-lifts for the spans over Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. We limited our inspection time per day to minimize disruptions to traffic going over the bridges.

Outcome: With our help, District 8-0 was able to meet federal regulations with minimal disruption to traffic.