SR 2002 over Muncy Creek

Sullivan County, PA

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided design services for a 69.0’ long pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge with pile supported reinforced concrete abutments, and a 24’ curb-to-curb roadway width, to replace a structure damaged in the September 2011 flood. The new structure was adequately sized to convey the 25-year storm with reduced roadway overtopping. The new structure was constructed on an improved horizontal and vertical alignment and provides a wider and safer crossing over Muncy Creek.

LDG performed complete design and construction consultation services, including structural, hydraulic, supplemental survey, and roadway design, as well as shop drawing review.

Since the project was an emergency bridge replacement, LDG completed both preliminary and final design for the project in a 5 month time frame in order to meet the District’s letting date.

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