Challenge: This project was initiated to provide a new source of water for Lycoming County Resource Management Services (LCRMS) facilities. The existing water supply consisted of low-yield wells that couldn’t rapidly refill the storage tank after large demands. LCRMS wanted more water flow to its facilities to better maintain facility operations and for added fire protection.

Solution: The project interconnected a reservoir over two miles away with LCRMS’s water system. This project had the dual purpose of installing the base infrastructure to provide potable water service to an industrial park in Brady Township and Lycoming County’s US 15 South development corridor.

Outcome: The project included 12,900 feet of 12” ductile iron water main, six fire hydrants, and a booster pump station with SCADA controls that automatically start and stop the pumps to ensure the storage tank is adequately filled. Design for the infrastructure was completed along with PennDOT, DEP, and Lycoming County Conservation District permits. Wetland delineation was required along with a specialized tree planting schedule that was required by the Conservation District.

We coordinated project bidding, extensive construction administration, and inspection services.