Industrial Wastewater Management

Wellsboro, PA

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided planning and development for an EPA-approved industrial wastewater pretreatment program for the Wellsboro Municipal Authority (authority) in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. The authority had served a food processing plant and a facility that frosted light bulbs, which generated industrial wastewater high in fluoride and ammonia. When the food processing plant closed, the source of sufficient alkalinity was gone, and the authority began to have difficulty meeting the ammonia effluent limits. LDG assisted with negotiating terms with the frosted light bulb facility to add a sufficient source of alkalinity to their industrial wastewater discharge to support nitrification. LDG prepared the EPA-approved industrial wastewater pretreatment program, which included the analysis of 24-hour composite wastewater samples collected at non-industry impacted allocations in the sewage collection system, the frosted light bulb facility’s industrial wastewater, and the influent and effluent to the authority’s wastewater treatment plant.

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