Prattsburgh, NY

Water System Improvements

Larson Design Group (LDG) prepared a preliminary engineering report for water system improvements to address Prattsburgh’s current and future water needs for Phase III of the water system improvements project. Phases I and II were completed in 1996. Phase III included the replacement of approximately 1,500 feet of lined cast iron water main first installed in the 1890s, approximately 3,100 feet of existing water main, the installation of 12 new hydrants, and 23 new gate valves through the distribution system. A pressure reducing valve (PRV) was installed to reduce water pressure received in the town’s high-pressure zone. Approximately 560 feet of 6-inch PVC was installed to complete the dedicated transmission main from the well site to the front-end of the PRV. Site work was completed at the tank site and a mixing system was included inside the tank. Additionally, site work was completed at the well site, including wellhouse improvements, installation of fencing, electrical work, and improvements to the existing greensand iron filter.

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