Allegheny River Green Boulevard Alignment

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided services for the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure to design and develop bid documents for the construction of a trail along a portion of the proposed Allegheny River Green Boulevard alignment. The trail is the first portion of a larger series of trail segments associated with the Allegheny River Green Boulevard. This portion of the shared-use path runs between 40th Street and 43rd Street in the Central Lawrenceville neighborhood framed by the Allegheny Valley Railroad and a cluster of corporate offices and luxury apartments.

The 830-foot trail segment lies within public right-of-way or public easements in private parcels. LDG designed the trail to connect with existing infrastructure within the public right-of-way to facilitate bicyclist and pedestrian use. The project includes a public art installation on the fence separating pedestrians from the railroad.

LDG’s design included the trail work and any additional construction required to make a safe shared-use path for bicyclist and pedestrians including curb ramps and ADA accommodations, signing and pavement markings, physical barriers like curbs and bollards, and lighting improvements. The path design incorporated drainage and stormwater control, landscaping, lighting, retaining walls and knee walls, and protective barriers to meet city, state, and federal design requirements. The horizontal and vertical alignments and typical section were designed to keep the project earthwork balanced.

LDG prepared the necessary permit documents, PS&E package, and construction cost estimates. The public involvement process for the project included a presentation submitted to the City, meeting with Real Estate committee, and coordination with property owners. Throughout the project, LDG developed, monitored, and revised the project design and construction schedules.