Old Lycoming Area Authority Old Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, PA

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided final design and prepared construction contract documents, drawings, and specifications for a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project, which was a component of the Old Lycoming Area Authority’s Inflow/Infiltration Investigation Plan. The sewer rehabilitation project included:

  • The trenchless rehabilitation of approximately 17,200 feet of 8- to 12-inch asbestos cement pipe using a cured-in-place sanitary sewer pipe lining.
  • The replacement of approximately 1,800 feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer with new PVC pipe.
  • 156 cured-in-place lateral connection liners.
  • The replacement of 145 lateral cleanouts.
  • 37 manhole riser linings.
  • The replacement of 12 manholes.


LDG obtained the regulatory permits and approvals required for the project and helped the authority obtain a low-interest USDA Rural Development Loan to fund the project. LDG directed the bidding phase of the project as well as provided construction administration and inspection services.