Challenge: During severe wet weather events, the Old Lycoming Area Authority’s sewage collection and conveyance system exceeded its treatment agreement limit for sewage flows to the Williamsport Sanitary Authority’s (WSA) west wastewater treatment plant because of inflow/infiltration. OLAA was regularly penalized for these excessive flows.

Solution: The design criteria for new wet weather pump station and storage tank required a minimum capacity of 4.65 MGD. The pump station is equipped with three submersible, chopper-style pumps, which eliminate the need for screening. At the Flexer Court metering station, the existing ultra-sonic level sensor was replaced with a radar sensor and a cartridge meter was installed as a control meter for the pumps.


At the Gardenview Pump Station, the existing pedestal pumps, controls, and variable frequency drives were replaced. Finally, the SCADA system was updated to Wonderware software and all remote systems were tied in to the primary computer at the Old Lycoming Township Building. Monitoring and reporting software was added to allow the Township to continuously record data for all of their stations. The alarm system was also updated to allow for text messaging of alarms for flexibility.

Outcome: The improvements effectively eliminated penalties for exceeding sewage flow allocations.