Ithaca, New York

Townwide Sanitary Sewer Study

Larson Design Group (LDG) provided a system-wide study to, map, model, analyze, and make recommendations for improvements to the existing sanitary sewer system for the town of Ithaca in Tompkins County, New York. The town currently owns and maintains approximately 65 miles of 8- to 12-inch gravity sanitary sewer main, 9,500 linear feet of 4- to 8-inch sewer forcemain, 1,800 sewer manholes, and 12 sewer pump stations. Together, these systems convey approximately 1.8 million gallons of sewage per day to one of two neighboring municipalities and associated treatment facilities. The study’s purpose included the inventory and evaluation of the general condition the existing sanitary infrastructure; modeling the system’s ability to meet current and projected future demands; creating a comprehensive GIS database of the sanitary sewer infrastructure; and making recommendations for existing and future needs based on system deficiencies.

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