Challenge: Construction of Tiadaghton Valley Municipal Authority’s (TVMA) new wastewater treatment facility required a new pump station on the grounds of the existing wastewater treatment facility. The station pumps wastewater via a new force main east across the West Branch Susquehanna River to the new treatment facility.


Solution: Known for its varying and difficult geography, the West Branch Susquehanna River posed a difficult design challenge. The alignment required crossing two sections of the river. Through additional research, we identified archeologically-sensitive areas that would prohibit conventional open trench construction in specific areas of the proposed alignment. The crossing required a single 3,280 LF horizontal direction drill (HDD) of 14-inch pipe.


HRI, Inc. contracted with Underground Solutions, Inc. to provide the Fusible PVC® pipe and fusion services, and with Gabe’s Construction for the HDD operations. Exiting the HDD, the pipeline crossed working farmland, requiring additional measures to ensure no wastewater was leaked into the surrounding ground prior to reaching the new treatment plant. All construction was performed during the non-growing season. The monolithic piping solution offered TVMA and the local farming community the peace of mind that the new force main would not leak.


Outcome: The HDD was completed in February 2013. The pump station, force main, and new treatment facility were put in operation in March 2014.