Steuben County, NY

Pinewood Acres Water Systems Improvements

Pinewood Acres Water District is located in the southwest part of the Town of Corning; south of Interstate 86, east of Route 15. The project involved the design for a new 400,000 gallon concrete water storage tank and booster pump station.

  • Construct a new AWWA D110 concrete water storage tank.
  • Install a mixing system to improve tank mixing and reduce stagnation.
  • Construct new valve vault for a pressure transducer and valves.
  • Connect the new storage tank to the existing transmission main.
  • Relocate the SCADA system near the new water storage tank.
  • Fence the area around the tank and install security lighting.
  • Cut and cap existing piping connected to existing water storage tank.
  • Demolish the existing welded-steel water storage tank.
  • Booster Station
  • Install new booster pumps inside a new prefabricated station with new controls, heating/ventilation equipment, electrical systems, and properly rated pressure piping.
  • Integrate the existing SCADA system with the new station components.
  • Remove the existing pitless boosters and regrade the area.
  • Demolish the existing station.
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