Candlewood Suites Williamsport, PA

Candlewood Suites

Larson Design Group provided the architectural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and structural design for the new, 68-studio and 12, one-bedroom apartment hotel complex.

The three-story, 42,000 square foot building is comprised of wood frame construction with a partial walk-out basement, due to constraints of the site. With modern dryvit exterior, the complex was designed based on Candlewood’s prototype plans.

The electrical work included power, lighting, and fire alarm design. The power design consisted of the main distribution gear and branch circuiting. Interior and exterior lighting was designed to meet general standards. The lighting design also included some accent lighting on the interior and exterior of the building. A complete fire alarm system was designed for the hotel complex which included multiple systems for the public and private space and also the elevator controls.

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