Lycoming County, PA

Water Tower Square

The C. A. Reed paper manufacturing plant had been an integral part of history of the Williamsport. As with many multi-story brick industrial buildings in the urban environment, it had outlived its use as an industrial site and its future was in question. Water Tower Square, LLC was formed, and the facility was purchased with the intent of being repurposed into a multiple use complex by reusing the existing structure.

As one of the owners, Larson Design Group (LDG) provided architectural, interior design services, site development and electrical and structural engineering for the complex; we have since added mechanical engineering services for continued development within the complex. The existing structure was 130,000 square feet of floor space that was primarily open floor, steel framed space with large inefficient industrial windows and a system of stair-cases and freight elevators serving as access to the four main floors.

The facility houses the headquarters of Larson Design Group, office space for commercial entities and public service organizations, large-scale storage space, and the Tower Café restaurant.

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