Cole's Hardware Milton, PA

Cole’s Hardware

Cole’s Hardware relocated its Milton Store to a 2.5-acre brownfield site. The new retail store included a 15,000 sq. ft. building, 54-space parking lot, and exterior bulk product storage and display space.

LDG provided sketch planning and site design services, working and collaborating with the building architect to develop the site with good sight lines and visibility from the adjacent roadways.

This site proved to be difficult to develop due to its close proximity to an active railroad, undocumented right of ways for access to adjacent properties and poor vehicular access from a state highway.

LDG prepared multiple sketch plans to best solve these site issues and coordinated discussions with the railroad, adjacent property owners, and PennDOT to ensure all needs were met.

This project included a lot add-on subdivision for the purchase of additional railroad lands to improve highway access and allow for an additional buffer along the railroad.

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